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Roseicapilla | Big. Bold. Beautiful.

Roseicapilla is a fairly new brooch brand, but Caitlin is certainly having an impact with her pieces. I took two of my favourites along to a recent shoot with Karolina Cronin Photography and I hope you love the pictures!

First we have the Hubble Bubble Panther brooch. This is most definitely a statement brooch.... there's no camouflaging this one in your outfit!! And I must say that is one of the reasons why I LOVE it. It's big. It's bold. It's Hot Pink. Basically it's perfect.

Hubble Bubble Panther brooch by Roseicapilla (RRP $45)

The colour choices here with the acrylics are spot on. I wanted to ensure that the brooch took the entire spotlight with my ensemble so I went with an all black look, and highlighted the pink with my belt, but I've also worn it with one of my Alice in Wonderland dresses representing a tough Cheshire Cat. Because it's a big brooch, it does have some weight to it. If I was wearing it on lighter fabric I'd add a makeup sponge behind it for added support.

Next up we have Chicken the Galah. I absolutely couldn't resist this little cutie. Not only do I love birds, but Roseicapilla is also the scientific name for a galah, so I totally needed the brand's namesake!

Chicken the Galah brooch by Roseicapilla (RRP $45)

As you can see in my photos, Chicken the Galah isn't quite as big as the Hubble Bubble Panther, but he still makes a statement with his tattoo-inspired design and pink sparkly feathers.

Both the pieces have been well made. The hand-painted details are neatly done and there are no glue marks or fingerprints. I'll definitely be back for more pieces in the future!

You can find all of the wonderful Roseicapilla brooches and earrings on their website.

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. Which one is your favourite? Have you got any questions I didn't answer? Let me know!

Emily x

Outfit Details

Black Delores top | Collectif Clothing

Black Swing SKirt | Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Hot Pink Belt | Kitty Deluxe

Black Heels | Melissa Shoes

Black Hoop Earrings | Elsa Designs

Alice in Wonderland Dress | Pigtails & Pirates

Photography by Karolina Cronin Photography / My Selfie Skills ;)

Hair and Makeup by me

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