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International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. It's a day that we celebrate the women in our lives and look back on how far we've come towards gender equality, and our goals to continue towards a more balanced future.

I have been trying to decide on the best way to acknowledge such an important day. In many of the brooch groups that I'm in, people have been talking about which brooch to wear today - which famous portrait can I wear to celebrate? Today I've decided to take a slightly different approach, instead I wanted to share with you some of my favourite local creative women.

Me wearing my Alice in Wonderland dress by Pigtails & Pirates (RRP $220)

You may have noticed that I wear a lot of Pigtails & Pirates dresses. I find them incredibly flattering and love all the different prints. But what you might not know is that all of the pieces are handmade here in Newcastle. Time is taken to ensure that patterns are located centrally on the bodice of the garments and each piece is handcut and handsewn using Laura's own patterns. She will help you with sizing, and modify the patterns if you want a longer bodice or a longer hem, and will even source fabric if you're after a custom print! So far she has found me special caravan, woodland animals, and even Peter Rabbit prints.

My much loved Style by Divine foundation in New York (RRP $37)

Stephanie from Style by Divine

I regularly get complimented on my skin. It's something that really surprises me as I've ALWAYS got at least a few spots. So what's my trick? I use Steph's AMAZING foundation! It's lightweight, doesn't clog my pores, blends REALLY well, and covers my imperfections flawlessly. On top of all of that it's SPF15 and certified cruelty free. But not only is Steph responsible for my skin, she is also the magician behind my brows. Steph has a lovely home studio where she works her magic turning bushy brows or overly plucked non-brows into perfect little masterpieces. You might have also seen her HMU work in a number of publications or on numerous local brides - her vintage styling is spot on.

Hubble Bubble Panther brooch by Roseicapilla (RRP $45)

Caitlin from Rosicapilla

Caitlin is a relatively new maker, but her pieces sure are full of impact! She uses bold colours and tattoo-like designs to create absolutely stunning brooches and earrings. Caitlin is someone many of us can certainly relate to and appreciate - a working Mum who has somehow managed to squeeze brooch making into what I'm sure is a hectic schedule!

(Keep your eye out for my upcoming post dedicated to some of my favourite Rosicapilla pieces <3 )

bonbonempire Geminus earrings - I've combined two pairs (RRP $25/pr)

Alison from bonbonempire

I first met Alison on a photo shoot when she had brought along some earrings for the model to wear. After seeing her Geminus earrings, I made sure to seek her out at the Olive Tree Markets the next time I went so I could grab a bunch of different colours. The earrings are made from polymer clay and are really lightweight. I love that they are all interchangeable, so I can mix up the colours like I have today to match my brooch.

Sporting my new cut and colour thanks to Kylie (contact directly for pricing)

Kylie from Kylie's Hair

I don't know about you, but every 5 to 6 years I get an urge to do something drastic with my hair. When it happens, I know Kylie will be able to take my crazy descriptions and turn it into something that I will love. A week ago I walked in to see her at Belmont and said "cut it all off" and so she did! Then when it came to the colour I said that I wasn't sure exactly, but something from "this area" as I waved my hand around the red/copper/orange section of her hair chart and so she created this beautiful bright, multi-toned colour just for me.

So I guess that's it from me today. I hope you have a wonderful International Women's Day and I'd love to hear about some of the women who have impacted your life.

Emily x

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