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Lost Letters & Sweet Melodies

My first blog post of the year was about being brave. I really wanted to step outside my comfort zone and try some new things. One of the things I've been wanting to do is move out from behind the camera and be the 'model' in a professional photo shoot!

[You might not know this about me, but I run a photography business (Emily Freeman Photography) and for the past 5 years I've been shooting gorgeous pinups. It's partially what got me in to brooch collecting!]

I decided to contact Warren from Imagine Studios, who I've done portrait photography courses with, as I thought it would be better to start with someone I know. For my hair and makeup there was no question about it - I booked the amazing Steph at Style by Divine.

It was pretty nerve-wracking to start with, but after a little while I managed to relax and get into the swing of things. We decided to shoot at one of the local train stations that is no longer used.

I'm wearing the beautiful Sweet Melody in Green dress by Pigtails & Pirates with some of my amazing older Erstwilder pieces from the Anouks Lost Letter range.

I adore these older Erstwilder pieces. The designs are so simple and sweet. Did you notice that not only was there a brooch and necklace, but also earrings and a matching ring in the set! I love that they are all the same design, but each piece is a different colour.

Pairing these pieces with my Sweet Melody dress by Pigtails & Pirates was a no brainer. The colours all compliment each other perfectly and bird accessories with the floral print is just perfect.

I adore the fit of P&P dresses (I actually have this style in at least 3 other prints!). The bodice is the perfect shape and holds everything in, while still allowing you to breathe. The wider straps are ingenious! I have so much trouble hiding bra straps under singlet/tank-top style straps. The skirt length is great too and nicely hides my petticoat.

Additional Accessories

Bangle stack is by Splendette which I stock in my shop.

Shoes are from Payless shoes.

Belt is from MissKonduct Clothing.

Petticoat is from Laurina Jean Retro.

Hair flower was borrowed.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from my first shoot. I can't wait for the next one!

Emily x

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