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8 Tips to a Successful Deer Arrow Release

So I realise that I might totally be jinxing myself here, but given just how many people seem to be upset over missing out on releases, I thought I would share with you my strategies.

So far (touch wood!), I have had success with EVERY past Deer Arrow release doing the following 8 things:

1. Have a specific Wish List

Realistically I want ALL THE BROOCHES, but I know that is an impossible dream since pieces sell out in less than 60 seconds. Instead, I look at the sneak peeks prior to the release and I prioritise them.

For yesterday's release, my order of preference was:

Magical Unicorn Brooch

Diego the Dragon Brooch

Distorted Tales Brooch

Once Upon a Time Brooch

Trixie the Pixie Brooch

White Rabbit Pin

Fairy House Brooch

2. Use a Computer

Use a computer, not a phone, not an iPad. Use something that you can have one browser open with multiple tabs, a mouse, and a proper keyboard. Anything else is far too slow to move between your cart and other pieces and/or typing if something goes wrong and you need to add details to your address.

3. Log in to EVERYTHING!

About 10 minutes before the release time I log in to EVERYTHING!

First I log in to the Deer Arrow website and check that my address is there and saved (note that it will only save IF you have had previous success).

Next I log in to Paypal in another tab.

If I'm too excited and have logged in far too early, then I make sure that I keep both tabs active by randomly clicking on things as otherwise you will get logged back out and you really don't want that to happen at the last second!

4. Refresh that page!

From about 2 minutes before the release is due to drop I start refreshing the Shop page. Sometimes your computer clock might be a little bit out and if things appear at 11:59, you don't want to miss them!

5. Breathe Slowly and Move Systematically

When you have hit refresh and those magical pieces finally appear breather slowly and start clicking!

Use the 'Quick View' option as it's much faster than loading each individual piece's page.

My systematic rhythm goes something like:

Quick View

Add to Cart


Quick View

Add to Cart


6. Be prepared to leave things behind

You've got your order already sorted and as you're going through the above systematic steps you should be trying to keep a bit of an idea of timing in your head.

Once you're at about 45 seconds check out REGARDLESS of if there are other pieces you want!

7. Go Back for More

If you're super lucky, after you've checked out with your first few pieces, there might still be a few things left so grab them IF they are part of your Wish List.

8. Have Fun!

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step!!!

I really can't emphasise this enough! Brooch wearing and collecting is MEANT TO BE FUN!

As much as I really want to continue to add to my collection, I know that someday I am going to miss a piece and that's ok. I will get through it ;)

I hope this gives you a few pointers for the next Deer Arrow release! I was lucky enough to pick up my top four pieces at the 12pm release using these steps :)

These gorgeous pieces are heading my way :)

Have fun and keep brooching <3

Emily x

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