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Who's A Pretty Boy Then?!

Australian Parrots..... what can I say? I just LOVE them.

We were free camping out in Northwest NSW one time and as the sun was setting giant flocks of different parrots came down to the river one after the other.... galahs.... cockatoos.... budgies.... it was just beautiful.

I've slowly been building my Erstwilder native fauna collection and thought you might like to see the parrots I've collected thus far.

My first in the collection was this beautiful Victor the Verbose in blue, quickly followed by the green. I just HAD to have them because I have a rather large aviary with around 15 budgies. If you scroll back through some of my older insta pics I'm sure you'll find some of me wearing these brooches while feeding my budgies :)

Erstwilder Victor the Verbose

Victor the Verbose by Erstwilder. He was released in both blue and green, but is long sold out. You might get lucky and find him secondhand, but expect to pay more than retail for him these days.

More recently, Erstwilder released this cute Best Budgies pair.

Best Budgies by Erstwilder. It's sold out on their website, but is still available at my favourite stockist Hug Me Harry for $39.95 with free shipping!

We get visited by cockatoos every day that our silky oak is in flower. They seem to love the flowers. I was unfortunately too late to the brooch party to get some of the earlier varieties of Carnaboo the Cockatoo, but treasure this 2016 edition.

Carnaboo the Cockatoo by Erstwilder. He's sold out everywhere now, but you might find him secondhand. I've seen earlier versions of him sell for upwards of $300!

There's something magical about Black Cockatoos. Whenever they fly overhead, everyone stops to watch. Erstwilder have released two versions of this beauty - Rohan the Red tail, and now Rohan the Yellow Tail. Both are spectacular pieces.

Rohan the Red Tail is now sold out, but you will still find Rohan the Yellow Tail on the Erstwilder site for..... actually.... as I was typing this it sold out! It's still available at Hug Me Harry though for $39.95 with free shipping.

Girlberta the Galah is just beautiful. The colours are amazing. She's been around for a little while, but was re-released recently and I only have the newest version of her.

Girlberta the Galah 2017 version. She appears to be sold out, but you might be lucky and still find one from a stockist.

So that's my Erstwilder Parrot collection.... fingers crossed they bring out some more pieces to add to it soon!

Which ones do have? What's your favourite?

Emily x

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