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From Paris With Love - Isa Duval

Isa Duval is a brilliantly talented illustrator who is passionate about the 60's and 70's and girl does it show in her wonderful creations! I fell completely in love from the moment I first saw her brooches on Instagram and have been collecting them ever since.

Not one to do things by halves, I started with these three beauties - Rita, Betty, and Katherine!

When my first order arrived I was completely blown away by the quality. The hand-painted details are spot on and the brooches feel nice and sturdy in your hand. even better, they have lovely fine pins that don't damage your clothing.

Katherine was the first one I wore. Her arrival was perfectly timed as I had just gone from a blonde to a redhead!

Next up was Betty. I'm a sucker for anything nautical!!

Before I even got around to wearing Rita, I just had to order two more pretties! meet Jackie and Amy :)

Jackie is so classy!

Amy came out to play over the weekend.

As you can tell from my giant smiles, I just LOVE these brooches and am looking forward to growing my collection!

You can find these beautiful brooches and more of Isa's masterpieces on her website and Etsy stores. You'll find great styling inspiration on her Instagram page and Facebook.

♥ Brooch Addict

Disclaimer: Please note that I purchased all of the brooches in this post. I did not receive anything for my review.

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